Message of congratulations to the President Ram Nath Kovind of the Republic of India

Terai Justice Centre congratulates His Excellency Ram Nath Kovind on his elections  as the 14th President of India, the largest democracy of the world. Mr Kovind is the second  member of Dalit community to become the President of India. India’s former President   KR Narayanan was the first member from Dalit community to hold the high office of the Indian presidency.

MR  Kovind’s election as the President of India has inspired and empowered the Dalit communities  of entire South Asia.

Nepal and other countries of Asia should also learn from Indian experiences and should be ready to offer high posts to the members of Dalit communities.

Members of  Dalit and oppressed communities have shown that when they get  chance to perform in the public office, they  are  as good as any other members of the so called high caste  communities.


Raksha Ram Harijan




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